My Projects

  1. React Weather App

    Using weather API to build a simple app in React. Input a city or a zip code. Shows current weather, 5-day forecast and air quality.

    React weather app
  2. React Todo App

    Simple Todo list

    React Todo app
  3. Fall Leaves

    This is one of my side projects.
    Experimenting with JavaScript.

    Fall Leaves
  4. Website for the musical I was in (2014)

    This is my most recent work. I built the official website for a Broadway-style musical using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery.

    Love Junkies the Musical
  5. Tarot Cards repo

    This was my first Ruby on Rails project. Tarot Cards are believed to speak about a person's current situation in life and answer some questions on a philosophical and spiritual level. When the User picks a random card they are then required to sign in or sogn up in order to see the meaning of that card. There is also some JavaScript employed in this project.

    Tarot Cards App
  6. Better News repo

    This is a "Better Facebook" application. It allows users to login fith the Facebook account, see all the news feed from Facebook and sort it by the type of content. It also lets users upload and store images that are visible to all the 'Better News' users but don't get published on Facebook itself. Technologies I used include Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Sidekiq, Redis, S3, Paperclip, etc.